Village of Minster

Notice to Automatic Payment Customers


We have been receiving phone calls from customers who are currently on Automatic Payment about receiving late notice texts and emails.  The reason for the late notices is because the Invoice Cloud online payment system (available through our website) has its own Auto Pay program offered to the Village, but it would cost each customer a monthly fee.  The Village has had its Auto Pay program in place for years, which we continue to offer for free. 

The Invoice Cloud online system generates the emails about non-payment, but it doesn’t link to our system and see that your payment is already pending.  So, it keeps generating late or reminder email notices - up until the day the payment posts.

The Village offers many different payment options for your convenience.  Unfortunately, these kinds of things come about and the only way to stop the unwanted notices is to ‘unsubscribe’ from Invoice Cloud reminder emails.  If you have signed up for paperless statements, you may lose those reminders as well.   Do not unsubscribe if you are currently receiving paperless statements!  Rest assured that your Automatic Payment is pending when the first of the month comes around and will post on the correct day.

If you have any questions about the different payment types we offer, please contact the utility office at 419-628-3497 or email