Village of Minster

Recycling Center Reminder


The Minster scouting and 4-H programs volunteer countless hours to the local recycling program. When dropping off your recyclables, please help volunteers keep things running smoothly by following these few simple guidelines:

  • Rinse out tin/steel/aluminum cans and milk jugs.  Because the bins do not get emptied until they are completely full, the rotting liquids can and do attract pests.
  • Remove all lids from plastic bottles AND glass jars.
  • No early drop offs.  By leaving newspaper bundles on the steps in front of the newspaper trailer, the bundles all have to be unloaded from the steps just to get the trailer door open then re-loaded onto the trailer causing delays for those waiting in line.

By keeping these simple things in mind, your drop off waiting time will be reduced and the volunteers will be able to run a more efficient recycling operation.

The Recycling Center is open Saturdays from 9-11 am.