Village of Minster

Village Compost Facility News


Compost – Mulch

$15.00/yard – picked up

$20.00/yard – delivered


Top Soil

$25.00/yard – picked up

$30.00/yard – delivered


The Village Compost Facility is available to residents as a place to dispose of yard waste.  The Ohio EPA does place operating restrictions on the site and debris that can be deposited.  In addition, the Village has implemented operating procedures regulating various aspects of the facility. 


Open for material pick-up from 7:30am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday.


All yard waste must be deposited on the appropriate pile (grass with grass and branches with branches), no co-mingling.


Plastic bags, construction and demolition materials are prohibited.


The street department will pick-up branches on Monday mornings, weather permitting.  Please place them by the street.