Village of Minster

Village Sees Lowest Electric Costs Since 2016


In 2019, the Village saw the lowest wholesale power supply costs since 2016. Even though the Village’s energy needs increased by 1.8%, the wholesale power rates for the Village in 2019 ended the year at $63.47 MWh.  This is approximately 12.1% lower than the 2018 wholesale power supply rate.

What can this reduction in wholesale power rates be attributed to?  There are several factors including energy usage being higher than expected. The Village’s power resources producing at a more efficient rate and the savings that the Village has received as a result of having the solar field online.

How does the reduction in wholesale power supply costs impact the individual homeowner or business? This savings is passed on to the residential and business customers through the power cost adjuster on your electric bill. For the past year, the power costs adjuster has been a negative number which reflects this savings the Village has seen in the wholesale power supply costs.