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Posted 07/20/12 by the Town Crier

If you haven’t visited the new Calendar of Events on, you are missing out on a fantastic resource of what’s happening locally! You’ll find civic and community meeting information as well as Parks & Rec. activities and more all...

Posted 07/19/12 by the Town Crier


Volunteerism and service improves lives in Ohio every minute of every day. The impact of everyday citizens who reach beyond themselves to help their neighbors and communities – transforming themselves and others – shapes who we are as a state. We give, we learn, we serve, we grow.


Posted 07/12/12 by the Town Crier

The Fourth Street Reconstruction project continues to progress on schedule. Crews have approximately 30 days left in the official road closure at the intersection of SR 119 and SR 66.
Curb and gutter from Main Street to Garfield Street has been completed and crews are preparing the site...

Posted 07/12/12 by the Town Crier

Council recently passed updated legislation on litter and weeds that will have an affect on many members of the community. Here’s a quick snapshot of the changes:
Noxious Weeds
Section 92.11 of the Minster Codified Ordinances previously required property...

Posted 07/12/12 by the Town Crier

Fire hydrant testing originally scheduled for July 16, 17, 23 and 24, 2012 has been postponed until a later date.
Village officials are concerned that this testing would cause additional stress on the finished water treatment process that is currently above normal production values...

Posted 07/10/12 by the Town Crier

At approximately 9pm on Friday, June 29th the entire village lost power for several hours as a result of the storms that passed through the area. How did this happen?
The Village’s electrical feed from Dayton Power and Light (DPL) normally comes though a transmission line from DPL...

Posted 07/10/12 by the Town Crier

The Summer Crisis Program is designed to help qualified households pay for summer cooling. The program applies to electric utilities only and is available from June 1 through August 31, 2012.
This year, households with a gross annual income at or below 200% of the 2012 federal poverty...

Posted 06/27/12 by the Town Crier

The Minster July 5, 2012 Active Older Adult luncheon has been cancelled.

The monthly luncheon will resume August 2, 2012.

Posted 06/26/12 by the Town Crier

Agreeing to purchase a service can be complicated – whether you are signing a lease to a new apartment, buying a car or natural gas to heat your home. As the number of retail natural gas suppliers in Ohio has increased, budgeting for utility costs is no longer a simple matter of paying your monthly utility bill....

Posted 06/25/12 by the Town Crier

Auglaize County election officials are urging citizens to register to vote or update their existing voter information as soon as possible.
“This year is a unique year for elections in Ohio,” Auglaize County Elections Board Director Carolyn Campbell. “Each registered voter in the...